Bokmärkesängeln blev Ängelhen

The bookmark angel became "Ängelhen"

The notion of angels has long existed and is common to Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other religions. An angel is a kind of spirit being with the task of being a messenger between God and man and the word angel is derived from the Latin angelus which means messenger. Winged angels began to appear in the visual arts in the 300s down in Europe - probably to explain their ability to travel between heaven and earth. Angels are often portrayed as people of the opposite sex. That is why we call our angel the Angel.








The first sketches on Ängelhen were made in the spring of 2014 when I wanted to test and see what could be done with the classic bookmark angel. Then I made a bronze of it in size 20x30 cm. It was made at the traditional Herman Bergman's art foundry in Sandborg. Where I have taken courses in bronze casting, Cire Perdue on two occasions. In 2015, Ängelhen was exhibited at Karby Gård's art gallery in Täby.

Ängelhen then continued his journey to a square in Kviberg outside Gothenburg. There it hangs in a portal. Here it is made of carved sheet metal, lacquered ice blue.
The angel has since become the hallmark of Angeldog. A product series with dog things that we work with in the Studio. There it will be on dog blankets embossed on dog leashes, charms etc. Maybe you see that the carved face of the angel is a dog's face. Coincidence or luck only the gods know 🤩

For our Christmas market on Sunday 13/12, we have produced a series of jewelry and decorations that we created from Ängelhen. The angels are laser cut at Cia at Sala Laser and she was the one who saw the dog's face first! The angels will be available in wood, leather, plexiglass and mirror plexiglass. Cia has a very inspiring instagram account that we think you should follow. SALA LASER

At our digital Christmas market 2020, the Ängelhen collection was represented with some products that were suitable for Christmas. That way we could offer close-upsreduced Christmas gifts with artistic quality. But also test how the ideas work in a small and accessible format. 

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