Collection: S5L signature angel

“The notion of angels has long existed and is common to Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other religions. An angel is a kind of spirit being with the task of being a messenger between God and man. The word angel is derived from the Latin angelus which means messenger. Angels are often depicted as young people, of the indefinite sex. Winged angels began to appear in the visual arts in the 300s down in Europe - probably to explain their ability to travel between heaven and earth.

The gate in which the "angel hen" hangs is drawn to a square in Kviberg outside Gothenburg. The square is an entrance square to a large multisport facility, Gothenburg's new Arena. . The angel is a well-used and difficult symbol, but here about something in this great place, it felt quite right to try. To also make the IFK-Gothenburg Blue was also a conscious choice. It remains to be seen whether the bronze angel will be allowed to hang in the square. The square was designed by Tema in Stockholm, responsible landscape architect Sara Vikstrand. Client City of Gothenburg. Clear 2015.
S5L signatur ängel