Collection: Semper Viridis - Always Green

The artistic creation Semper Viridis - Evergreen is on a farm in Visättra, a residential area in Flemingsberg in Huddinge municipality. The landscape architects from HSB Stockholm who designed the outdoor environment wanted to create a safe and inviting yard for the tenants with the courtyard design. A place for greenery, rest, recreation, community, play and activity.

The proposal for the artistic design that Helena Eriksson created for the farm is intended to tie that to the verdant farm that the residents wanted so warmly. Corten steel screens have been placed in the plantings where there is grass. The screens are laser cut in a lush green pattern. A pattern that will enhance the vegetation found in the yard. During autumn and winter when the farm's vegetation rests, the screens continue to spread greenery to the farm with their expression. There of the name, Semper Viridis - ever verdant. The farm belongs to Victoriahem 's properties.

The screens nominated for the Swedish Design Award 2022 in the category XL design outdoors. Read more about the price -> HERE 

"In my depictions in public places, I start by discovering the place. In these discoveries, I find fragments of events from the history of the place. I try to see the events a little from above, from below, from the side and a little obliquely to try to reach past and get to a core to work from. From this core perhaps a pattern or object is created that reinforces the existing stories of the place, giving it a new meaning or a new visual experience. An addition or commentary to the architecture, space, or structure.


Semper Viridis - Alltid Grönskande