Our suppliers

Elobina AB

We have chosen Elobina from Alnarp for the manufacture of our textile products, so that we can make art useful not only on one wall. At Elobina, we print exclusive silk scarves, pillowcases, etc. so that you can decorate and decorate your home in several different ways with qualitative art and design.

What was decisive in the election for us is i.a. proximity and attitude to production and consumption;

"Out of frustration over the environmental impact of mass production and poor conditions, the idea was born to digitize and enable the production of small volumes locally."

Read more on Elobina´'s view of sustainable production.

Frontline Expo

Frontline Expo is a graphic company established in 1987 with a showroom and production on Industrigatan 5, Kungsholmen in Stockholm. They offer the market's widest and most flexible solutions in trade fair walls, roll-ups, beach flags, large screen formats, posters, signs, banners, picture prints and much more. In addition, has developed its own environmental policy as they work along so that you as a customer can feel that the products you order have minimal environmental impact.

Our prints in our store are printed at Frontline, which we work with because they deliver their products with quality, neat and fast and with personal service. Take a look at Frontline - print & expo - central Stockholm

Sala Laser

This collaboration will be fun not only because Cia is such a wonderful and creative person but because we have so many memories together from children and adolescence in Sala. Think how small the world is. Cia helps us to cut Ängelhen into different materials and creates a stamp that we can use on different occasions. It all started with the bronze sculpture Angels.

With the help of her various laser cutters, she cuts in paper, cardboard, leather, plexiglass, birch plywood, fabric and many more materials.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any special material, Cia is happy to test something new! read more about Sala laser and follow Cia´'s work on hers instagram account



Westermalm's metal foundry 

Westermalms Metallgjuteri | AB is a family company with over 60 years in the foundry industry.


Mälar laser

Mälarlaser hos Mälar laser, we help you with laser cutting, water cutting and edge pressing.


Svetsbolaget Conrad & Co AB

Welding, steel and sheet metal, gas water and fine plasma cutting | Svetsbolaget Conrad & Co AB | (conrad-co.se)