5LAND - the artistic landscape architect

Where does STUDIO5LAND get its artistic expression from?

Helena is active both as an artist and landscape architect. 5land AB was started in 2007 to have a platform from which she could develop her art and combine it with landscape architecture.

In her art, she wants to combine architecture and construction with thoughts about people's needs for different rooms and landscapes. She often uses some familiar element in some landscape which then deconstructs and reassembles it into something else.

Images that are built around a pattern or different systems. Patterns and systems that are stable and slowly dissolve. Works with the image until it feels like it has a story.

In her performances in public places, she begins by discovering the place. In these discoveries, she then finds fragments of events from the site's history. She tries to see the events a little from above, from below, from the side and a little crookedly to try to reach past and access a core to work from the outside. From this core, a pattern or object may be created that reinforces the place's existing stories, gives it a new meaning or a new visual experience. An addition or comment to the architecture, room, or structure.

Collaborates since 2009 with various architectural offices, municipalities and private construction companies. In my collaborations, I want to try to access something that exists in the borderland, a signature that can give the place, the form, the art something unexpected. A comment, playful or thoughtful.

Feel free to visit 5land's website to look at various assignments, designs and works of art.