Collection: Scarfs with artistic patterns

From the artistic processes that every landscape project like Helena begins, the hand / drawing is included. From these original sketches or exploratory laboratory work with shapes, we create unique patterns and to our textile designs. Here we have collected a series of shawls, scarfs in different materials.

Inspiration comes from the sketch work with the Plymhöken and the Mantelfalken, two fantasy birds in recycled aluminium. Read more about them, the craft and the art here

Silk scarf printing at Elobina in Alnarp .

Cotton scarves in organic cotton voile print at House of U in Holland.

When we choose a supplier, we focus on finding the close and sustainable productions. We are a newly started company that tries to do our best, we don't have the resources to verify ourselves but we do our best because we believe in slow fashion & sustainable consumption.

Look through our patterns, we hope you find a scarf / shawl that lifts and enhances your style. 

Scarfs med konstnärliga mönster