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Studio5land was created by an inherent unspoken desire from us two sisters to work together and be able to support each other in life in general and as small business owners and entrepreneurs. Helena / 5land AB with her art and work as a landscape architect needed a room to be able to work undisturbed and also meet her customers and suppliers. Marie / MJB AB as an entrepreneur and consulting assignment in marketing and communication needed a permanent place to create a quiet "creative space". When Helena found the perfect venue with the interesting story Gumshornsgatan 12, it was obvious that the sisters would work under the same roof.

From the beginning, it felt like there was something special about this studio, and how can we bring our different creative sides together in a joint project. Every now and then, Studio5land, the digital gallery, was created. We dig where we stand and there is a goldmine of fine art and interesting artist processes from Helena´'s art and how she weaves it into her assignments as a landscape architect in the company 5land, regardless of whether there is an element of artistic decoration in the assignment or not. Art is empowering and we can digitally share it through a digital gallery and create digital openings and from there invite everyone. The idea with our webshop is to design locally produced products with an artistic quality and through this page it can be available to everyone. The idea is also to test the ideas from the big projects in 5land in a small format. Working with scales of different types is a sign for Helena when she works under the name 5land. All products that we present on this page have been created based on an artistic process together with suppliers who are proud of their craftsmanship and have an understanding of quality in design, production and materials.

Our suppliers also have a history and for us it is important that it also becomes clear and the basic criteria is that we want a locally based production and that it is permeated by a passion for what you do. Therefore, we draw a geographical boundary for our suppliers that they have their production in Europe.

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