Collection: Fine Art Prints by S5L

Under this collection, we collect Fine Art prints that we only sell to order. Each artwork has a limited number of copies and is solid craftsmanship from the frame workshop Frameland AB that we have chosen to work with to ensure the quality of the framing.

Pattern is a common thread with what we create in Studio5land, which comes from Helena's various artistic processes as an artist and landscape architect

With to create patterns from the images wantsIt is Helena test and see what she could do with all the landscape photographs that she brought home with me from the various trips. It was very beautiful scenery and the photos a little muted by all the beauty. When she began to see the photographs as components, she was able to break up the images and make something abstract out of the so realistic landscapes.

Try deconstructing and rebuilding. Abstract patterns of landscapes emerged and she began to see something different in each image, began to see what the landscapes consisted of. They lost their boundaries and belonging to the places in which they were taken. Could it be that landscape is something abstract without nationality. Maybe it's just different typeis of systems and patterns that we humans cannot penetrate. 

Several of the images of pattern landscapes were exhibited under the name "See the landscape and feel the scale" which was held in 2015 in Karbygård, Täby 

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Fine Art Prints by S5L