Collection: Patterned landscape

These posters/prints and Fine Art Prints have been created from photographs taken during a trip to Sweden in 2011-2012 where Helena had her Olympus Pen 1 camera with her on Öland's southern Udde, Kalmar and Fårö as well asLandsort and on the island of Öja. Based on them, she has created patterns to enhance the enchanting landscape and light.

With photographs, Helena wants to test   and see what she could do with all the landscape photographs she brought home with me from the various trips. It was a very beautiful landscape and the photos became a bit muted by all the beauty. When she began to see the photographs as components, she was able to break up the images and make something abstract out of the so realistic landscapes. Trying deconstructs and rebuilds. Abstract patterns of landscapes emerged and she  began to see something different in each image, began to see what the landscapes were made of. They lost their boundaries and belonging to the places in which they were taken.

Could it be that landscape is something abstract without nationality. Maybe it's just different types of systems and patterns that we humans can't get into.

This digital exhibition is a further development of the exhibition "See the landscape and feel the scale" which was held in 2015 in Karbygård, Täby. Read more about the exhibition at 5land where Helena tells more. During this exhibition, the landscape images were interpreted by two jazz musicians Sten Berggren and Håkan Goohde, who then called themselves Sonic Skin.

Sven Berggren is a trombonist and composer and has belonged to the Swedish jazz elite for many years, including as a fellow musician with the legend Bernt Rosengren and as a member of the long-standing Norrbotten Big Band. Link to Sven Berggren on Spotify.

Håkan Goohde is a guitarist and composer and has played together with many of Sweden's most noted jazz musicians such as Fredrik Ljungkvist, Joakim Milder, Karl‐Martin Almqvist, Fredrik Nordström, Mattias Ståhl, Robert Nordmark, Johan Berke and others.