Rosa Bandet - Vad kan vi bidra med?

Rosa Bandet - What can we contribute?

October is a pink month when we gather around the fight against cancer. Most people are affected indirectly or directly at some point in their lives, so it certainly feels important to contribute with the support everyone can. The desire to contribute to making a difference in socially important issues sometimes makes it difficult to choose as an entrepreneur.

As a private person, it can be easier to choose, you just have to let your heart rule, when you give a gift. When it comes to corporate engagement & gifts, it's a balancing act. Even some relevance and connection is important so that it does not feel too "profitable" on emotions and we must remember a company must be able to deliver a surplus otherwise it is a technical impossibility to give gifts.

For us on STUDIO5LAND we want there to be a context in our community involvement and our gifts, where we as individuals are touched emotionally but also a way to highlight art and design. Based on that, we can then donate a gift, this time to cancer research and the Pink Ribbon campaign. We started the company in December 2020 and there are no surpluses yet, but we want to contribute with those we can, our commitment.

We donate a silk scarf that you decide on the price and value of the gift. Winning bidders receive a silk scarf from the Plymhöken and Mantelfalken collection, which you can read more about here.

Together we can increase the value of the gift. Go to the auction 

Rosa bandet 2021

Some design facts behind Rosa Bandet.

Every year, the Cancer Foundation selects a Swedish designer / artist to design the Pink Ribbon. This year it is Selam Fezzahaye who also designed a bracelet. Go to the Cancer Foundation's store and BUY THE PINK BAND!!

"Each band is unique, just as we all have our own story and our own imprint. "- Selam Fezzahaye

Selam is a fashion designer and costume designer and uses tulle which is a hallmark of her design. Tulle comes from the French word "tulle" which began to be woven in 1818 in Calais and is a thin openwork fabric with four or hexagonal stitches. To make tulle, silk or synthetic materials are most often used, the latter giving a stiffer, harder and firmer feel. You will often find tulle in wedding dresses and curtains, but do not mix the tulle skirt and the ballet skirt, fun reading about the tulle skirt can be found at The tulle shop.

In the earliest years, we have seen the pink ribbon designed by i.a. 

2006 - Carin Rodebjer
2007 - Lars Wallin
2008 - Ingegerd Råman
2009 - Gert Wingårdh
2010 - Liselotte Watkins
2011 - Per Holknekt and Lena Philipsson
2012 - The clothing brand Dagmar with the sisters
            Kristina Tjäder, Sofia Wallenstam
            and Karin Söderlind
2013 - Helene and Elsa Billgren
2014 - Camilla Thulin
2015 - Architect Trion Claesson Koivisto Rune
2016 - Alicia Vikander
2017 - Efva Attling
2018 - Bea Szenfeld
2019 - Ben Gorham
2020 - First Aid Kit

Rosa Auktion on Tradera for the benefit of the Cancer Foundation 

This year we have put up an auction on Tradera where we are auctioning off one of the first silk scarves we have produced from the Plymhöken and Mantelfalken collection. The two urban fantasy birds that are depicted on a residential farm in Barkarbystaden. There the vain birds watch over their nest. In the nest are patterned eggs that also glow in the dark. This pattern has inspired these silk scarves.  

The entire proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Cancer Foundation when the auction closes. We open for bids on October 1, if you want to join and bid click here.

Next year we hope to be able to produce a specially colored scarf in memory of our mother Ingrid who died of cancer. We will sell it in October in our store and the surplus will go in full to the Pink Ribbon campaign.

At this year's Pink Auction, you can not only bid on our silk scarf, but on everything from a Ferrari to Selam Fessahaye´'s pink signature dress.


Rosa Auktion - Tradera

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