Water Elements - Colors with Passion

Water Elements - Colors with Passion

"I am fascinated by the process .. Process, not the outcome, allows me to express the various different aspects of existence and creativity in the moment. I work under the spell of a life long obsession and thirst for color .. tints and shades .. as well as the ever growing fascination with the transformative abilities hidden in the act of "art making."

These are the words from f the artist Joanna Bodzek that we are happy to present as our first guest artist in the gallery. In the gallery she presented 12 Abstract Watercolor as Fine Art Prints. The digital vernissage was held the 12 of May. To see it go to Studio5land at Youtube!

She present here work in this way: The original water-colors are painted with handmade botanical inks. Capturing them with the camera to create powerful Art Prints is my chosen way to keep the fleeting beauty of this alchemical wild shades for a long time. Inks are handmade from seasonal flowers, vegetables and ochres and from found objects, to catch the color of the moment and of the location I am exploring. These paintings and inks are entirely harmless to water and nature. The colors are beautiful and alluring in only the way natural pigments can be, they are also transient and fugitive, beautiful but unpredictable. We recommend you to follow her Instagram account “Passion for Water Inks”To see & learn more. 

All prints are signed and printed on a Hahnemuhle museum quality art paper. This keeps the colors amazingly vibrant and guarantees longevity of your Art Print for many years.

In our blog: Talk prints and own your style, you can read more about the difference between posters / prints and Fine Art Prints.

In the future we will hold a digital workshop in how to make your own botanical inks. More information to come! Go to the footer and sign in for our newsletter to be updated or follow us on FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM




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