Snöexpedition till Abisko Nationalpark

Snow expedition to Abisko National Park

An examination of snow as color and light. Photos were taken in Björkliden a place after Malmbanan by Torneträsk.

We will present three sparkling prints with snow motifs on our digital J U L M A R K N A D at Studio5land on Sunday the 13th of December.

  • Picture 1 the snow gate
  • Picture 2 snögren
  • Picture 3 mountain birch.


The pictures are printed at Frontline on Kungsholmen in the size 50x70 on a paper called Silk (semi-gloss) with a print run of 10 pcs / prints. Fits well with simple frames that are available at type Ikea in wood, white or black. 

These prints are created from photographs taken from an inspiration trip Helena made to Abisko National Park 2015. The photographs were taken with a camera Olympus Pen1 and Helena has been working with the image as a pattern and where in the image the focus should be attached. The snow landscape in the photographs forms a pattern similar to snow crystals or a knitted Christmas sweater. Small sharp details form a diffuse whole with a blue light. The blue snow lights that so magically come from inside the snow.

Always has a longing for the snow landscape, the beautiful mountain birches that bravely and stubbornly draw black against the snow like the soft pencil when the pressure is hard on the white paper. ✨❄️🏔️

With our Christmas market, we want to offer locally produced Christmas gifts with artistic quality at a reasonable price. But also test how the ideas work in a small and accessible for all formats.

 See the collection S N Ö E X P E D I T I O N



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