Collection: Snow expedition

An examination of snow as color, light and scales. Photos were taken in Björkliden, a place after the Malmbanan by Torneträsk. Of course there is the classic motif of the Lapport with which is also called Čuonjávággi in Northern Sami and according to the older Swedish variant Tjuonavagge. 

Posters and textile home furnishings in the Snöexpedition collection are created from photographs taken from this inspirational trip Helena made to Abisko National Park in 2015. The photographs were taken with the camera Olympus PEN E P1 and Helena wants to capture in the image the snow, scales and the boundless mountain landscape that form exciting patterns.

The snow landscape of the photographs forms a pattern similar to snow crystals or a knitted Christmas sweater. Small sharp details form a diffuse whole with a blue light. The blue snow light that so magically comes from within the snow. Please read more about this trip in a separate blog post.