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Semper Viridis (poster 50x70cm)

Semper Viridis (poster 50x70cm)

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Items that have been created from a pattern that was developed in connection with a collaboration with landscape architects on HSB stockholm when Hembla renovated the properties' outdoor environments in Visättra. Helena was responsible for the shields, which are laser scoured in the cortex. In the courtyard, the three different decorations were placed, which over time blend in with the flower gardens. See photos at Instagram

"In my portrayals of public places, I begin by discovering the place. In these discoveries, I find fragments of events from the history of the place."

Artist: Helena Eriksson (5land)

Location: Visättra

Poster dimensions: 50 x 70 cm, paper Optima Production Satin 190 g, printing company Frontline.

SOLD WITHOUT FRAME. (can be purchased at)

Payment method: VISA / MC, MASTERO, AMEX, Bancontact, KLARNA, ApplePay, GogglePay and Swish.

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