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Helena Eriksson

LAWN, Fine Art Print by Studio5land

LAWN, Fine Art Print by Studio5land

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Limited edition : Lawn Sold in a numbered series of 5, with signature and certificate. 

Can be ordered as a sheet or with artisanal glazing and framing. 

Paper quality: Fine Art Paper, Hanhemuhle Photo Rag 308g

Glass & Frame: Art Glass and frame 86x95, black / white / natural wooden frame.

Delivery time: about 7 days.

The craft: When framing our fine art prints, the frame maker is always based on the motif. In order for the artwork to maintain a high quality over time, a craftsmanship is required regarding technology, paper, cardboard glass and frame.

Paper and cardboard in the frame must be acid-free, which means a neutral or somewhat basic PH value. This applies to all paper in both the passport holder and the backing box. The purpose of a passport is, in addition to being stylish in style, a way to protect the print / artwork from the glass. 

The glass used for our fine art prints is the special glass Art Glass, a glass that reproduces details and colors in a fantastic way. The glass is anti-reflective and at some angles not much of the glass is visible. It is also equipped with a UV protection of 70%

In addition, it is important that the frame is sealed correctly and this is done with a tape to prevent dust from penetrating into the frame.

Frame workshop: Frameland AB, Barnhusgatan 8, Stockholm.

About art.

Lawn, lawn in Swedish is from an English garden that Helena visited in the Cotswold. It is part of a series of photos from trips made in 2011–2012 where Helena had her camera Olympus Pen 1 with her to e.g. France, England, Italy and Marrakesh and Sweden. Based on them, she has created patterns to enhance the enchanting landscape and light. 

By creating patterns from the pictures, Helena wanted to test and see what she could do with all the landscape photographs she had brought home with me from the various trips. It was very beautiful landscapes and the photos a bit dumb of all the beautiful. When she began to see the photographs as elements, she was able to break up the images and make something abstract of the so realistic landscapes. Try deconstructing and rebuilding. Abstract patterns of landscapes emerged and she began to see something different in each image, began to see what the landscapes consisted of. They lost their borders and belonging to the places where they were taken. 

Could it be that landscape is something abstract without nationality. It may just be different types of systems and patterns that we humans cannot delimit. 
Several of these pictures of pattern landscapes were exhibited under the name "See the landscape and feel the scale" which was held in 2015 in Karbygård, Täby 

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