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Helena Eriksson

Road 92 towards Bjurholm - Oil painting on linen canvas

Road 92 towards Bjurholm - Oil painting on linen canvas

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Limited edition: Good condition, no frame.

Series: Mobile Spots and long 

Technique: Oil painting

Material: Linen cloth stretched on a wooden frame.

Dimensions: 60 x 50 cm

Artist: Helena Eriksson alias HE5Land

About art: A series of oil paintings from an exhibition in 2012 on Södermalm at gallery FFAR, Forum for Architecture.


A series of paintings in oil: 21 pcs, 5 pcs in larger format around 95 x 150 cm, 3 pcs in format 105 x 55 cm, 12 pcs in smaller format around 55 x 60 cm and 1 small oblong 35 x 105 cm. Helena Eriksson, a trained artist and landscape architect, runs the 5land business. Uses art as a method to investigate different landscape spaces in conjunction with thoughts about landscape architecture.

The works in the series move in a travel landscape, in the city, on the road, on the plain, in the forest and among the mountains. Landscapes from different times of the day and year. A journey landscape between fiction and reality, a dream trip or a state. The entrance is the recognizable landscape, an everyday landscape, in which there are doors that are ajar to other dimensions and encounters. A landscape that may not really perform according to given expectations. Landscapes without nationality where the figurative is driven against a will to abstration. It is quite quiet and peaceful.

Carl-Fredrik Hill and Tomas Tranströmer, their landscape has served as a good support during the work with the paintings.


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